Whether you have a specific machine to be transported or a complete fleet of heavy vehicles to move we can provide the right vehciles and equipment to ensure that your goods will arrive safely  quickly and in the most cost effective manner .

We can transport any load whatever its size, weight and shape.

We are highly experienced in heavy lift projects, handling heavy- lift cargo for oil refineries, power stations, bridges, trains and countless other projects. we use specialized equipment operating on forcible hydraulics.

fte Jacking and skidding Saudi Arabia

Hydraulic systems are the fastest easiest and typically the only practical solution for the majority of lifting and moving stages.We have employees fully qualified, trained and experienced in working with these specialised pieces of equipment.

We operate a synchronized jacking and skidding system in a safe and professional manner.

We have over 250 lines of hydraulic platform trailers, dollies, lowbeds and flatbeds, FTE always provides the most diverse and cost-effective transport solutions covering Saudi Arabia and entire Middle East

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