FTE  Heavy lift, Saudi Arabia have done the ground work to transport heavy equipments over a 1500MT  from Dammam Seaport to the Shaybah project site. Our scope of work included the direct receiving, custom clearance, storage,  transportation from Dammam Seaport to the Saudi Aramco Project Site in Shaybah. The cargo to be transported included 2 steam turbines of 190MT each, 2 steam generators of 198MT each and 2 transformers of 110MT each along with its accessories weighing over a 500MT.


The main constraints along the 900km route from the seaport to the project site included a number of slopes with a measure of up to 8% in the last 400kms. The convoy travelled the last 450kms through the 'Rub Al Khali' desert better  known as the empty quarter which had no facilities for the people and equipments. So the team was sent fully equipped with all the sustainables to support them throughout the operations.

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